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James Leachman


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welcome to the web pages of James Leachman. I hope that you will find my work and that of other members of my monastic community to be of interest to you. I will be happy to be in contact with those who wish to work with the monastic community at St Benedict’s Abbey, Ealing in London.
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You will discover on these pages a short history of the monastic community at St Benedict’s Abbey, Ealing and a description of how the monastic community developed some of its apostolates. This led to the founding in Overton House, on the Abbey property, of the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre (1992 -) and the Liturgy Institute (2010 -) in both of which I serve at present. We are also discussing and setting up a joint project with the Naos-Institute called Centre for Integral Humanism and activities have already begun in 2014.

The Benedictine Study and Arts Centre’s history is recorded here. The volunteer staff  and monks have worked together over the years to create and put in practice the BSAC Mission Statement.

The element of study and teaching is an important dimension of monastic life for me. I am grateful to serve in the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre, the Liturgy Institute, both in the Abbey grounds, and in the project Appreciating the Liturgy.

To be authentically Benedictine all our apostolates overflow from our community life and worship.

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